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The MACPA Events channel catalogs promotional videos for upcoming and past events, as well as the best footage from the presentations at MACPA events. It’s a resource for our members to find content from a speaker they may have missed, or to relive the experience by watching event recaps.

MACPA Events | 2015 Newly-Licensed CPA Swearing-In Ceremony
Few things are as professionally inspiring as watching a new generation of leaders step forward and take the reins. On November 10th we celebrated and welcomed 89 new CPAs to the profession. Congratulations to all of Maryland’s newest CPAs.
MACPA Events | CPA Day 2016
On a snowy January morning over 130 CPAs stepped aside from their busy schedules to advocate for legislation supporting the CPA profession. Read more: The Maryland Association of CPAs engages in ongoing legislative and lobbying efforts, and CPA Day is the best time for CPAs to show their support and advocate for our profession. To learn more about MACPA political advocacy, visit
MACPA Events | Student Leadership Academy
After bringing together the state’s top accounting students, the MACPA believes the future of accounting is bright. From June 25-17th the state’s top aspiring CPAs came together to learn about soft skills that aren’t being taught in the college classroom. The Student Leadership Academy will be the first in a series of events designed to engage and develop the future of the profession.
MACPA Events | “The Anticipatory CPA” with Daniel Burrus May 4, 2015
Setting the stage for his upcoming online learning curriculum, author and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Daniel Burrus shares with accountants and financial professionals the missing competency they need to succeed in the future, anticipation. Click here to learn more about the innovative online learning system: Through the “Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and FInance Edition” CPAs and finance professionals learn how they can look at trends so the can be proactive instead of reactive as they head towards their future.
MACPA Events | CPA Day 2015
A record crowd of nearly 200 CPAs gathered in Annapolis on January 29th to talk about three big issues facing the profession with Maryland’s legislators. To learn more about how CPAs are making a difference and to find out how to get involved visit:
MACPA Events | CPA Summit 2014
In 2014, hundreds of CPAs gathered to learn from thought leaders, interact with leading edge sponsors, and keep the profession moving forward. Hear what participants and sponsors had to say about the 2014 CPA Summit, and find out why it’s called “the CPA event of the year.” The Business Learning Institute CPA Summit is a one-day event where CPAs learn from the most important voices in the profession and find solutions to push careers forward. Topics include leadership, technology, cutting-edge trends, and emerging professional issues. This interactive event is the CPA event of the year.
The CPA Conversation with Tom Hood
This series, hosted by MACPA and Business Learning Institute CEO, Tom Hood, welcomes the profession’s leading voices to discuss the trends that are affecting CPAs today and in the future. With his deep knowledge in CPA practice, technology, learning, and regulatory issues, Tom facilitates the conversation to be a practical guide and resource for CPAs in every practice area as they face the "Shift Change" in accounting.
MACPA Live is a collection of live talks given by the Maryland Association of CPAs' staff to different groups across the country.
“The Lookout Post” is a monthly video update from the Maryland Association of CPAs to help our members know what’s happening right now in the profession, while also keeping an eye to the future. These newsworthy updates cover legislative and regulatory topics, membership and association announcements, professional trends, learning and CPE opportunities, and other timely matters.