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The Lookout Post | April – May 2016

In this episode, Tom Hood covers: Maryland’s legislative session recap, the MACPA’s upcoming learning opportunities, and MACPAs efforts to save you time.

Mentioned in this video:

Maryland Legislative Session Recap |

Spring Professional Issues Updates (Complimentary CPE) |

Business & Industry Conference |

Employee Benefit Plans |

Beach Retreat |

Events Listing |

Anticipatory Organization – Accounting & Finance Edition E-Learning Program |

8-Hour MBA On-Demand |

The MACPA Events channel catalogs promotional videos for upcoming and past events, as well as the best footage from the presentations at MACPA events. It’s a resource for our members to find content from a speaker they may have missed, or to relive the experience by watching event recaps.
The CPA Conversation with Tom Hood
This series, hosted by MACPA and Business Learning Institute CEO, Tom Hood, welcomes the profession’s leading voices to discuss the trends that are affecting CPAs today and in the future. With his deep knowledge in CPA practice, technology, learning, and regulatory issues, Tom facilitates the conversation to be a practical guide and resource for CPAs in every practice area as they face the "Shift Change" in accounting.
MACPA Live is a collection of live talks given by the Maryland Association of CPAs' staff to different groups across the country.